Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My tournament schedule for 2015

After some consideration I have figured out my tournament schedule for 2015.

Here it goes:

Belfast City
11-12 April
6 games

Malahide Open
2-4 May
6 games

Drogheda Chess Congress
30 May - June 1
6 games

Teplice Open
13-21 June
9 games

Pardubice Open
24 July - 1 August
9 games

Ulster Championship
22-24 August
6 games

Galway Congress
2-4 October
6 games

Many thanks to my friend, GM Gyula Pap who called my attention to the tournaments in the Czech Republic - they appear to be strong and reasonably cheap indeed. If everything goes after plan, I will play both on the Pardubice Open and the Teplice Open.

I don't even remember when was the last time I played on a proper one-game-a-day tournament, so I'm really looking forward to participate on these. They are quite holiday-consuming, though, and as I'm going to spend two weeks in Hungary with my family, I won't have time for other big events abroad. That's why the rest are Irish/Northern Irish weekenders.

48 games altogether, at least 20 against strong opponents. Not bad. We will see if it makes my chess any better...

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