Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Good tournaments, anybody?

I would need some advice from you, guys.

I have decided to participate in a few strong tournaments this year and wonder 
if anybody could recommend good tournaments for me. 

I need something:

- Fide rated

- With strong players 
(At least a few IMs and FMs, but no super GM is necessary.)

- Reasonably cheap 
(I just checked Peter Caffola's latest recommendation, the Neckar Open, 
and it would probably cost me at least 400 Euros - I would like something cheaper.)

- No mega events like Bunratty or Gibraltar 
(because they tend to be more expensive)

- No more than two games a day, so no Irish weekenders.

Travelling to other country is no problem, can be Germany, Spain, whatever.

Any ideas? 

Also, does anybody have experiences with tournaments in the UK? 
Does it make sense to look for tournaments in England, Wales, Scotland, etc.? 
Are they any good?

Any help is appreciated.

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